Hello to all!

For those who don't know me, my name is Marianne Waldman and am located in Whitby, Ontario.

I have over 17 years experience dealing with parrots ranging in size from parrotlet to greenwinged macaw. For many years, we took in rescues and nursed them back to health, worked with those who had behavioral problems, and ensured that they were given plenty of love and attention until they were either re-homed or lived out their final days with us.


We are not a breeding facility! We have a small amount of pairs of birds that we breed and when they have babies available, we raise them in the most loving conditions so that others may enjoy the same satisfying relationship with their new baby that we have always enjoyed with ours.




*Cornell University - Lab of Ornithology

     Comprehensive Course on Bird Biology

*Diploma for Animal Sciences (with Highest Honors)

*Diploma for Veterinary Technician (with Highest Honors) and several years studying under my avian veterinarian

*Member of the International Conure Association

*Member of the Pyrrhura Breeders Association

*Member of Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada

     -Former Editor of the Journal for the AACC

*Member of the American Federation of Aviculture

     -AFA Certified Aviculturist Level I (2008)

     -AFA Certified Aviculturist Level II (2011)

*PIJAC Certification for Avian Companion Specialist